Dancing in the Dark

We know now that colors are part of the dreaming,
That control is the name on the most vivid one.
Under glass, we learn the ease of flight,
The pleasure of repetition: the whole academy
Seen as a salad of cool, moving vegetables.

The truth
(The kind that no longer hurts) wearied us, redlined our desire
For the whole truth, the mixed bag of candy and IOUs
Thrown from the train ringing past daily at 11:26.
Pick them up, won't you? she gestured. Surrounding buildings
Got ready to crumble any moment. She repeated the gesture,

Got famous nationwide for bringing it with her
When she took the stage, pelted with camellias but
Nonetheless afraid. We stay up all night afterwards
To see stars move and rumble like sperm cells. Neither of us
Admits or accuses, neither of us needs to move.

James Cushing
from You and the Night and the Music

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