Where The Numinous Dwells

Omphalos at Delphi
where the Pythian priestess speaks the oracle,
stone of god at the navel of the world
where Apollo's two eagles meet,
placed in the secret place, the adyton,
stone swallowed by Cronus.

Foundation Stone in Jerusalem, Sakhrah
above the Well of Souls,
the dead speak there
from the rivers of Paradise.

Dome of the Rock,
where Muhammad rose to heaven.

Ancient Holy of Holies,
the temple where god resides,
stone of the tablets of the written Law.

Stones that give speech:
the Blarney Stone;
Black Stone, kissed by the Prophet,
surrounded by words,
meteor given to Adam by angels, by sky.

Sierra rock, dazzling
backbone of California,
stone where the numinous dwells.

Phoebe MacAdams
from Touching Stone


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