there are moments of sheer brilliant love

there are moments of sheer brilliant love
when the love making is good & the consideration for another
makes all bad thoughts fade
even time is suspended like in a good story well told
for to keep feeling like a bird sensitive to external winds
walkings by phonings
the loss for me is always to be no longer connected to words
to work to love & harmony being boundary enough for gods
seem to flourish its dead discursiveness

the love making was good & the jazz that preceeded it also
a sensual cleanliness
the excitement of being out in the city rich with its exotic
the card of flowers she gave me
its elusive appetite an understanding there are fields dreams
that i stand no nearer to than on the other side of a closed door
the food attractive & fresh & wholesome its firmness its tenderness

the brown train goes under a green underpass gray smoke
blue train gray smoke white sky

when there is no need to transcend her body
for the coldness & the clean & the white
the heart shaped moon desire a listening to what pulls on the inner
making love is for me a green pleasure
the last word eve says in paradise lost is "restore"
the food she cooks & the places & times she cleans
to restore love to gold to hold its honor even among similes its
thieves like a night
renters wholesalers designs configurations oval departures trees
beaks stories wants all changed unto a commited honor

to moderate a seeking
wherein boy where woman a man serves in order to achieve an
for the hidings seem to be killed a constant
there are moments of sheer brilliant love
her skirts black her skirts gray
blue & pink she has in her hand

it is in a home where there is love
& if simplicity in home & two & three
a woman place for the man for the boy

the flowers she gave to me were dragged from me
in order to clear time for the life
for there is time for happiness & this is such a time
there is love & there is also damage
we have been all our dreams a waking
she has the understanding love itself is a happy he understands
he has also hurt her & he loves her for hope restores

Harry E. Northup
from The Ragged Vertical


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