memory present

when i was growing up
i fell in love with barbara
robinson, sandy lewis, diane
devier, carolyn mcgirr

danced with sandy, diane, carolyn
they were all pretty
now, i’m 62, live in east hollywood
my wife, holly, also from nebraska
has given me many years of happiness,
love & care
we have been together 25 years
& made love thousands of times
she’s a gracious & exciting lover
i praise her love & i praise her body
i praise her soul

at times i have failed
humility has been my companion
in my youth i ran away
my body flushed

i sit in our home, 3:32 a.m.
2 cats beside me, my wife asleep
a body hits the front door
the cats & i look up
a young man drunk?
someone trying to break in?
i turn out the light & look out
see nothing but a light on
in an upstairs apartment

the body of a woman has been grace
a wheat field to hide in
hills to play in
to get away from houses & cars
to be alone in the dark with
to be a lonely existence to be within

a sheet a down quilt the fan off
tree tornadoes tears
my wife has the largest heart of mine

Harry E. Northup
from Red Snow Fence


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