sunflower eye with green wings

hand mirror, four flowers stand
as gates — two golden rockets
shoot past — her eye with golden
wheat eyelashes, a tree made of

wheat stands alone, circles of
golden barbed wire — white
flower darts, wheat waving
circles the corner, wheat flows

down like waterfall — white
flowers a globe, large as a planet
flowers flow close to the ground —
her eye majestic & sensual

serene, golden flowers encircle
dark mystery — fire night, wild
rushes, arrows, trees, fields,
rigors of nights — white flowers

dance until golden, until night
sweeps its shadow — dark eye,
golden wheat fields, trees made
of wheat — two white flowers

shine a path for opening wings,
fragile & thin, green & large as
a nation’s hymns, white flower
upsidedown like an umbrella, floats

eye behind darkness, blue front
wall, golden eyelashes drape over
thin golden wheels, sharp rush-
ing arrows, thousands of small

fishes, eye like a pearl, high
atop a straight, taut rope,
arrows rush around eye, black-
ness saddens death, gold far off

golden-winged figure swoops down,
has eye like falcon, savage, piercing,
alone — golden wing leaves down-
ward trail — her dress many sweeps

of golden aisles, black square blinks
behind far off gold circle, blue sky,
scarlet lines, thin membranes:
loss, heart, death, birth, golden hands at the blinds

Harry E. Northup
from Where Bodies Again Recline


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